Black RoyalTee was born from a combination of Love and Struggle - My love of soft cotton Tees and the struggle to find unique designs that speak to my soul.


Our company name is a play on our Royal heritage and our signature product. The colors represented - Red, Black and Green, the colors of our Pan African Flag - serve as a reminder of who we are and where we come from. The Crown reminds us that we are descendants from Kings and Queens and that royal blood of our ancestors flows freely through our veins.


The designs of Black RoyalTee reflect the many facets of our culture.Whether uplifting and empowering or fun and witty, our message is simple - "WE" - our skin, our hair, our talents, our heritage - are worth celebrating!


Every item in the Black RoyalTee collection is embellished with our Royal Logo, - you'll find it embroidered on the lower left side of our tees and on the bottom of all of our accessories. It's our guarantee that you have purchased a quality product - that you own the best!

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