Black Mom Quotes Decorative Glass Domed Magnets

Black Mom Quotes Decorative Glass Domed Magnets

Set Selection

Choose from three sets of five refrigerator magnets with classic "Black Mom" quotes which are printed onto floral cardstock and preserved under heavy domed glass which is affixed to a super strong magnet.


Set One: You Got McDonald's Money - You Don't Belive Fat Meat's Greasy - You Smell Like Outside - I'm Not One Of Your Little Friends - When We Get To The Store Don't Touch Nothing.


Set Two: Don't Let The Street Lights Catch You Outside - If You Don't Go Sit Down Somewhere - Fix Your Face Before I Fix It For You - I Brought You In This World, I'll Take You Out - A Hard Head Makes A Soft Behind.


Set Three:  Imma Beat The Black Off You - Stop Running In And Out Of My House - Keep Playing And See What Happens - Stay Out of Grown Folks Business - I Hope You Know That Math Like You Know Them Song Lyrics


Set Four: Don't Let Your Mouth Write A Check Your Butt Can't Cash - Trifling - If You Can "Huh" You Can Hear - Stop Letting The Air Out Of My Refrigerator - So You Think You Grown, Huh

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