Free T-Shirts, You Say?!?

September 24, 2017

Hello and Happy Sunday!


We have less than a week left to go in our pre-sale and, though we're not quite where we want to be, I'm fully confident that we will be! I'm a "Matthew 17:20" girl so I know that with just the tiniest bit of faith, in the blink of any eye we can reach our goal because NOTHING is impossible if you have faith! So, let's move some mountains!


Today, we are launching our referral program which runs until the end of our campaign. I'm asking  all of our followers to please share the link to our pre-order page with everyone you know. Spreading the word about our new business with the universe is imperative if we're going to reach our goal. As an incentive to share, we're giving away all of our T-shirts to one lucky recipient for FREE!!!! In order to qualify for this sweet deal, you must do the following:


1. Pre-order from our page! Our featured perk, one each of our new Transformation Mug designs, is only $25, however our perks start at just $15!


2. After ordering, you'll receive a link to share our page via email, text or social media - SHARE IT! Share it with everyone! When your referral makes an order, it is automatically linked as your referral so the more you refer, the more chances for you to win!



3. At the end of our campaign, the person with the most referrals will not only have their funds returned to them, they will receive all four of our current T-Shirt designs, including our NEW Issa Rae-inspired T-shirt, "I'm Rooting For Everybody Black".  *REMEMBER* the only way your referral is recorded is if you refer directly from the Indiegogo link that is given to you once you place your pre-order.



You can log into your Indiegogo  account as many times as you like after you pre-order. I encourage you to send your personal  link 2-3 times a day to ensure that your friends and family sees it. I've become very familiar with the social media algorithms and I know that just sharing it one time will not ensure that people see it - the more you share, the more it gets to your people (you may thank Mark Zuckerberg for that...).


Again, we thank, you, thank you, THANK YOU for your support. As we always say, "It takes a village" and we're so grateful that you're a part of ours.




Melanie and Timothy



 *And don't forget to check out our video where our FAVORITE podcast, "In The Conversation" gives us an AMAZING shout out - literally the highlight of my week!!!





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