Our Thanksgiving - A Week Late

December 6, 2017

Hello and Happy Tuesday!


I’m terribly late getting out this week’s blog as my daughter has arrived to town and we’ve finally gotten the opportunity to  celebrate Thanksgiving! Now that my brood is older with families and responsibilities of their own, it’s difficult to schedule time when we can all be together - we really take advantage of the time when we are able!




















I am a “from scratch”cook which means I spent a lot of time in the kitchen preparing the feast. Please don’t think I’m complaining - I enjoy every single moment because I know my family is going to eat well and be very happy. One of their favorites (aside from may baked macaroni and cheese…) are my yeast rolls. I have to admit that part of the fun in making them is watching the dough rise. I’ve always been fascinated with the chemistry of yeast. It amazes me that just a few tiny little granules can make dough quadruple in size! You’re supposed to leave the dough covered while rising but I’m always peeking under the cloth to watch the progress of the ”rise” – it’s so cool! And when they're baking - the smell is heavenly! They make my kitchen smell like an old fashioned bakery. I have to make two batches on feast day - one first thing in the morning for everyone to snack on throughout the day and one to come out of the oven just in time for dinner!



Let's Make a Deal!


Now that the Holiday season has officially has begun we’ll be offering some fantastic specials! This week, everything is 10% off, no coupon needed!! In addition, we have the following offers:




Transformation Mugs – Two for just $20 (normally Two for $25)

















Natural Love Collection  - T-Shirt, Tote Bag, Transformation Mug -$40 (if sold separately, $55)











Our unique mugs make wonderful Secret Santa gifts and, if you fill them with candy, pens or pencils, they're the perfect gift for your child's teacher! Make sure to take advantage of these amazing deals because they won't last long!



Branching Out!


 We’re now in our first (of many...) boutiques! You can find us at Fort Smith, located at 1007 East 43rd Street in Chicago. Stop by and see Mr. Cliff and tell him that Black RoyalTee sent you!












Terrific Text Messages!




I love getting text messages like these and, of course, I’m happy to attend any event you may have! I've also stopped by offices at lunch to do a quick demonstration and I can do the same for you! Send me a message at BlackRoyalTee@yahoo.com and let's make a plan!















And finally... Still Waiting - But Shipping What We Have


We're still waiting for our shipment of the new mugs to arrive, it's literally an any day now situation. We know that it's on a train from California. Once it arrives in Chicago, and has gone through its final check-in, we'll receive the call to pick it up. In the meantime, we'll start shipping what we have to our crowdfunding customers. The wait has been frustrating for us and we thank you so much for your patience AND patronage.


As always, it takes a village to run a successful business and we thank you for being a part of ours. Without YOU, there would be no "us" - thank you!


Until next time,




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