Love At First Sight

August 20, 2018

Hey RoyalTee!


This is a ridiculously hectic week at Mogul Manor - packing up shop and moving to new digs while simultaneously filling orders - and I wouldn't have it any other way! In a sea of chaos I am calm, centered and focused on my craft. Though we may be pushing right up to the brink, I know that all will be well - my faith tells me so. So, onward and upward!


I'm very much excited about my new inventory of journals - and apparently you are too! The orders keep coming in and, for that, I am truly grateful - thank you.


I realized very early on in this endeavor that my trusty printer which has served me faithfully for years, sadly, had to be put down. I did my research, found the perfect printer for my needs and ordered it. On the appointed delivery day, I just happened to be looking out the window when I saw the delivery man pull up. Excited, I leaped from my chair and ran outside to help him bring it in (well - hold the door open for him - that's helping, right?).


How quickly my excitement turned to dismay when I got a good look at the box that held my "printer". It was not a printer at all - it was an industrial planer! After a very stern phone call to Amazon wherein I received assurances that a replacement printer would be shipped immediately, I calmed down enough to realize that mistakes happen and, as mistakes go, it could be a lot worse (the $50 credit back to my credit card also helped to put my mind at rest...).


Well, I'm happy to report that, true to their word, Amazon delivered the replacement printer quick, fast and in a hurry and it was truly love at first sight! I'm over the moon with my new printer! It's super fast - it prints in a fraction of the time of my old printer. The color is rich and vibrant and my journals look even more beautiful than they did before! It was a great investment and a very welcome one. I couldn't be more pleased!




And now that my lovely new printer has made me more efficient, I'm able to create even more! I'll be introducing my new Tweens Collection this week - adorable journals created for your Queen-In-Training! My custom Unicorn journal is available now - look for additional designs debuting throughout the week!




Remember - my handcrafted, custom journals make fantastic gifts for back to school, birthdays and bridesmaids, sisters and sorors. Whatever the occasion, you can find a journal at Black RoyalTee that's perfect for it - purchase yours today!





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